Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Working With The Boss RaShang

As you may not know it is not easy to get close to the man Rashang.

He is a very hard worker. Most people that has worked with Rashang have learned as
much as they can an ran. Has he would say"Some people just wont something for nothing."This is not domino's pizza fool. "If you bring nothing you get nothing unless
he likes you."

(Rashang replies)
I have had a few artist back in 2003 to 2010 but they were all about themselves.
So now I just focus on my self. I like to give a helping hand when I can. I mean there were times when I did not have much. Only the real people looked out for me and made it possible. That's how I no about separating the real from the fake.

So how did Fastlane Fastgame Entertainment get started?

Well back in the late 90's.When my big brother (Mafioso Kapone) got his first deal. I knew this is what i wanted to do. Builied a company from the ground up. So when I first started I worked alone and I must say it realy paid off. But I do whan to
say thanks to all the studios that offered there helping hands From Stockton, Oakland, San Diego, and the Valliy Joe thanks just for letting me in your studios
for what ever reasons.

Well More to Come. Interviwe with Rashang.Next week.

RaShang on the come up.

About me:Passsionate,powerful,fearless and aggressive,RaShang is not to be messed with. A dynamic man of unparalled talent and persistence,RaShang wrote everything on his impressive debut album,The Pistol Walker. Coming straight from mind and soul from the experience that "I've had coming up as a youth" a man who is not afraid to express himself. The album The Pistol Walker let's people know what happens in the streets of Calf, and the things "I have witness and experience ". This would be the first album as a solo artist to do all of his writing and put it on a dat by himself for everyone to listen to.Mafioso Kapone with the Bonita Entertainment has came along way to put a few new tracks on the The Pistol Walker as his solo debut album In My Blood and more. Mafioso Kapone was the first of the clique called Kriminal Mafia to obtain a record deal. The clique is not a group.Each artist is his/her own artist in the respects of creativity. The clique consist of many different acts.Mafioso Kapone,RaShang,Big Hitt, Zarelli Mafioso,Poops,and Fry.All have many distinict sounds but come together like bad weather Cause if you think hot on the solo tip, just wait till ya hear what they all put together (Kriminal Mafia Entertainment Studio 1) Presents (Kriminalogy 101) the album coming later. Then (This Is How Kriminals Get Down) The movie...Also coming later. Filmed by (Long Beach Camera Crew).As for the carrer of Mafioso Kapone,he is currently still working on filling out his album.But don't sleep on the kid because he is getting a variety of different sounds so fans be stuck on one thing.He is currently going on the road to promote movie as well as half the album.Now unlike any other artist this man made major moves in the game and only had one single at the time.But it put him on top of the game a lot faster than most artist.So keep your ears open and eyes too or you'll miss out on one of the greatest artists in history and Hip/Hop Tony Washington the Executive Producer of Bonita Entertainment,Mafioso Kapone solo artist, Palmer Fields Co-Executive,all Bonita Entertainment/K.M.1 Entertainment,joined the hip hop underground pro.To do the best at what he knows.Like Fuck Them Bitch Niggaz, Part Time Father all singing and rap by RaShang.My family Derick helps RaShang bring new real nasty rapper in the game industry he sees the same as every one eles would see. And his manager Chuk Long Beach. Don't think RaShang is new to the music game.The man been singing and writing raps,his own sence the 5th grade.From watching the man his older cusin Derick.RaShang said "I did so much for people to hear me on the corner with me and a cuple of friends busten tight shit so that it would make me go to the studio and write quik".RaShang your work cann't be denied. A native of Calf. Roderick Fields has got respect all his life.By living in San Diego CA, he is a well manner person,life is com untel you make him mad.Singing and rappen are his best hobby's all his life he would write things he would see coming and going in and out his life. And one day the man heard RaShang and said "we got to get you started, you have a strong mind and I like that."All studio experience came from RaShang hustling experience to get were he needs to go.By himself getting the things he needs to get started. Classic,Pop,Rock,hits and so so serious,RaShang is diffidently all about business. Nothing less.Nothing more.So you'd better get ready for That Fool RaShang.Because he is here to blow your mind with the new talent. FLFGENT. FLFG Ent The Company:(Fast Lane Fast Game Entertainment) was found by Roderick(RaShang)Fields.In the early 90's in southern California (San Diego).He Began his first lesson in the Music Career.His first Demo Tape was (How Can I Trust A Bitch) in 1991.After working so hard on his own.His family member also joined a different Company (Mafioso Kapone). From there Roderick would learn how to run his own one day.So in 1998 threw 2001.He found out what it is all about.In 2003 RaShang came out with another Demo called (The Pistol Walker).The album was a good start by selling over 1,000 units and 30 Shows.To Day the market is still good. FLFGEnt